Are you ready to live your best year?

I’m going to share with you the EXACT PROCESS that I use to have the CLARITY and CONFIDENCE to Create My Year, MY WAY!
(And save $250 bucks until December 1 – hint: it’s my Birthday!)

And achieve unbelievable success with unshakable peace of mind.

Do you ever wish you had a blueprint, a guaranteed plan to turn any year into your best year yet?

Imagine for a minute what you could accomplish if you had a time-tested PLAN, some TOOLS that work (thousands have gone before you and tested the crap out of them) and SUPPORT to keep you motivated and on track?

What would be possible for you? What could you accomplish?

For years, I was lost in the dark, going from one job to another and one dream to another. I worked hard, I mean, I’m from Minnesota and have a very strong work ethic. But all that working hard wasn’t getting me anywhere. Until I figured out how to Create-A-Year-that-Matters!

  • Been a repeat guest on Oprah
  • Changed lives in over 600 episodes of reality television
  • Achieved bestseller status with four books (over 750K in advances)
  • Built an Ivy League Life Coach Certification Program
  • Had my own PBS Special
  • Won an Emmy… That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Let’s not forget about fun. This last year, I went sailing in the Caribbean, visited Machu Picchu in Peru, redecorated my home and took a month off.

Who Should Sign Up For


  • If you don’t want to waste another year/month/day spinning your wheels . . .
  • If you aren’t sure you are working on the right thing so you find yourself getting stuck or frustrated or even, feeling a little lost . . .
  • If you have unfilled dreams and projects and are sick of not getting them DONE . . .
  • If time feels like it’s moving too fast and you feel like you’re falling behind . . .
  • If you realize time is precious and you’re done wasting another second . . .
  • If you are feeling unclear about what’s the best way to move forward .
  • If you’ve been hard on yourself and your confidence has taken a beating . . .
  • If you’re itching to make next year your best year yet . . .
  • If you want to live more aligned with your true self . . .
  • If you want permission to “Live the Life YOUR Soul Intended™”. . .
  • If you want to create a life that is yours and yours alone . . .

I am going to walk you through.

My Exact Process.

I know what’s it’s like to be told that “you have so much POTENTIAL.” The cursed word. Are you like me?

I was so good at “having POTENTIAL” but could never quite get it together to manifest my heart’s desire. I didn’t know how to make money or start a business or make a plan. I was one of those people who HOPED things would work out but, predictably, I had only hit-or-miss success. I had good times and bad times. And I was so frustrated I couldn’t make my life happen the way I thought it could. The way I thought it ‘should.’

I would go back and forth between beating myself up and blaming myself for another crappy decision and then, making up excuses why it wasn’t my turn and life isn’t fair anyway. I would go from being motivated like crazy, and then soon enough, I’d be frozen, confused and sometimes, even angry that I got myself into another mess.

Until I figured it out…

The process I am going to share with you is the EXACT PROCESS I have used year-after-year to gain more and more success.

It is the EXACT PROCESS I have used to book three televisions shows airing in over 25 countries worldwide (and now on Netflix) and adding up to 600 episodes of television. (I have done more television than Jennifer Aniston! Cool huh?)

Plus I have authored four bestsellers – two while I was on television every single day – talk about time management and focus. I had them both.

My self-esteem and confidence are given a steady boost each year and I can count on myself to keep my commitments and go for my dreams. NO MATTER WHAT. (This alone is worth every dime you spend on this Training Program and every minute you devote to it.)

By the way, my high level of accomplishment isn’t luck. It comes from the EXACT PROCESS I’m about to share with you.



Within 24 hours of the FIRST CLASS of Create-A-Year-That-Matters I GOT MY DREAM JOB! And I had been unemployed for a year and a half. This was a miracle. Rhonda coached and showed me where I was going wrong. The next day I had an interview and nailed it. Thank you Rhonda. I am fully employed and doing what I love all because of you and Create-A-Year-that-Matters.

-Kathy S.

As a Coach myself, I wanted to start sharing my message with more and more people but wasn’t confident that I could attract people to my workshops. After ONE CLASS of Create-A-Year, I scheduled my first workshop and guess what? 35 people showed up. My coaching practice took off and so have I. Take Create-A-Year-that-Matters, it will change your life.

-Cledra McCullers, Life Coach

I had a dream of opening my own Pilates Studio for years but I didn’t know how to do it and I certainly didn’t have the money to do something so big and crazy. It felt completely out of my reach.

After the first class of Create-A-Year I was so inspired and motivated that not only did I start believing that maybe I could do it, I DID IT!

The very next day after listening to the first class, I started calling on some studios for rent and found one that was perfect for me. I had been sitting on this dream for more than a year and truly not believing it was possible.

-Sarah Manley Beyond the Core Pilates Studio

I didn’t know what I wanted to create in my life. I just knew I wanted my life to be different. Well, not only did I find my purpose, I started to actually DO IT.

Talk about a miracle. Create-A-Year changed my life. Do whatever you can to take it. Your life won’t be the same.

-Erin Sabota, Tampa, Florida

Since I took Create-A-Year last year, I’ve lost thirty pounds, change my job and started dating. I truly did create a completely different year. And it’s been a lot easier than I thought.

I was one of those people who was waiting for the timing to be right. But the timing was never right. I dove in last year with nothing to lose. Thank you Rhonda.

Create-A-Year was the best investment I ever made in myself.

-Jill Kerry, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Frequently Asked


How is this works?

Immediately upon signing up, you’ll receive a Welcome Email giving you access to the Course Videos, Audios, and Transcripts. PLUS, you’ll receive DAILY email support that will keep you focused and on track PLUS an invitation to join our exclusive Facebook Group.

Is this a live class or a reply?

It’s BOTH. All Course content is available now on the Course page. Plus, we will meet LIVE via Zoom for our LIVE Q and A Group Coaching Calls.

When do i receive the bonuses?

You’ll receive access to all FOUR BONUSES once the Guarantee 7 Day Period is complete. At that time, you’ll receive an email with access to ALL FOUR BONUSES including “Build Your Year” and “Finish Your Year Strong” that will show you how to manifest your hearts desire that is only available when you join Create-A-Year-that-Matters.

How do i schedule my private coaching session?

You’ll receive a BONUS email on Day 8, giving you access to the TWO BONUS Courses, the directions to join me for your TWO LIVE Group Coaching Q & A calls, plus a link to schedule your private one-on-one session with your very own Certified Fearless Living Coach.

What if it doesn't work for me?

Well, I have a hard time believing it won’t work because this Course has been time-tested and proven with hundreds of students. If you follow my guidance – and complete all the assignments – I know it will work. But don’t worry, you have a 7 days to test drive the first module!

Sign up now and try it out for 7 days. If after completing the first 7 days of the Course – doing the daily Fearbuster Exercises™ and fully engaging in the Course – and you decide it’s not for you, send an email to Spport and you will get a prompt refund.

You have nothing to lose. Try it. The risk is all on me.

All you have to do to make 2019 your BEST YEAR YET is decide to give yourself the best shot possible by investing in yourself today.

What’s inside the


  • Define a vision for your life that you can lean on again and again.
  • Get Rhonda support through two LIVE Group Coaching Q & A Calls plus you will join a Special FACEBOOK Group where you will have support from other participants and I will be there to answer your questions.
  • Daily email support with questions that will stimulate both sides of your brain.
  • Your very own Certified Fearless Living Coach working with you one-on-one to personalize your plan and make sure you get going fast!
  • And all those intangibles that can only be experienced while you are actively choosing to care about YOUR LIFE and YOUR YEAR!
  • Release the disappointments of the past so all of you can be creating a future that matters
  • Increase your appreciation for what you already do and who you already are. This exercise alone will increase your confidence and remind you that you are MORE than good enough!
  • Choose priorities that are driven by YOUR true desire rather than other people’s wants and needs
  • Create a concrete action plan that is doable, practical and supports you and your intention for your life
  • Focus on the areas of your life that will make the biggest impact and shift your life quickly

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SAVE 80%!

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+ you’ll get access to my personal method for success.

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When you sign up for Create A Year that Matters, you’ll receive FOUR BONUSES including TWO Live Q and A Group Coaching Calls with me AND a Private Coaching Session with your very own Certified Fearless Living Coach.

All for only $297… normally $497.
(Save $200 bucks when you grab it before the timer strikes zero!)

When you join me for Create-A-Year-that-Matters, I’m going to show you exactly how to make THIS YEAR… YOUR YEAR. And I’m so not kidding.

How do I know how to do it? Because I’ve done it year after year for myself and for my clients.

How do I keep producing those results year after year? If you want to know how I do what I do, read to the very end of this letter…

But first, take a nice deep breath. Because I want you to take a second and imagine for a minute…

Imagine the words popping out of your mouth:

“2019 was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!” and meaning it!

Because you knew exactly what to do. You were clear. You were confident. You were inspired and motivated. It felt so easy. You could see how you were tapping into something that was almost magical. Sure, you had to take the steps, but you were in the flow. And most of all, you created a year that was ALL YOU!

Feels good, right?

Imagine knowing, without a doubt, what matters to you and what to do next. And most important, what ACTIONS to take and when.

It isn’t luck. It’s because you made a decision and invested in yourself. You decided you were worth creating a year that matters.

And when you made the decision to say yes to yourself, you were saying yes to all of you. No matter what you yearn for or what your desires are, you have a right to live fully as you, right where you are with no one, or no thing holding you back.

That means no matter what crazy expression of you that is bubbling up, you have a right to share it. And you must. No matter what dream you have to share, you have a right to live it. No matter what you want to build or make happen, you have a right to express it.

You have a right to choose you!

And because you decided to say YES to you, you now will have the clarity, the vision, the support and the plan to make ANYTHING happen.

It’s true, you know. Now that I get how life really works, I now know what those “sages” and “gurus'” were talking about when they said you can make anything happen. You can.

I’ve done it. And so can you. Let me show you how . . .

SAVE $200!

Before the timer runs out, decide that this year is going to be the best year yet!