Emmy-Winning Life Coach Shares 8 Secrets to
Become A Confident Communicator

It’s all inside the Fearless Conversations Workshop. Now, you can access the recordings for this workshop for $997!

What you learn will take your coaching to the next level. It works if you’re a life coach, health coach, business coach, manager, executive, business owner, parent, friend and more…

These skills are proven over 22 years with life coaches, health coaches, business coaches, managers, executives, therapists, parents, business owners, and more…

“What do you do if your client doesn’t do their homework?”

I get this question over and over again from coaches.

If you want to get the most difficult “Won’t do anything” client to finally take action and improve their life…

…If you want to feel confident you can get AMAZING results for anyone you coach…

…And if you want to help people uncover their greatness, achieve their goals, and be their authentic selves more fully…

…Then you are going to LOVE this!

Rhonda Britten here — best selling author, Emmy winner, and master Life Coach for over 25 years.

Some places you may have seen me

Over the years, I discovered the secret to getting people to take the action they need to change their life.

It’s not about asking the perfect “coaching question”…

…It’s not about giving mind-blowing advice…

…And it’s not about being their “cheerleader”…

It’s about knowing how to create an “internal shift” inside your client.

You get their mind, heart, and soul all aligned. You help them reach the point where every fiber of their being knows what to do and can’t help but do it.

That’s how you EMPOWER people to naturally take action day after day, week after week, month after month. It’s how you support them to transform their life.

Unfortunately, nobody teaches this…

The #1 Reason Coaches Fail to Get Results…

The only things most coaches learn are what questions to ask or what information to give.

They never learn HOW to move someone through a problem.

They don’t learn how to see a problem… how to address it… how to connect with the client… how to help them solve it… and how to support their client through every step.

That’s the true Art of Coaching. But almost nobody learns it!

So most coaches struggle. They hear their clients (and themselves) say things like, “I know what to do, but I’m not doing it!”

But when you know HOW to create that internal shift, you instead hear even your most resistant clients say, “I know what to do, and I’m doing it. THANK YOU for being the best coach ever!!!”

You can create that shift effortlessly by using what I call The 8 Coaching Skills.

I use these skills in every one of my VIP Life Coaching sessions, and I used them on every one of my 500 episodes on the NBC hit reality show, Starting Over. They’re a big reason I was named “America’s #1 Life Coach” by TV Guide and Starting Over’s most valuable player by The New York Times.

We’ve trained hundreds of Life Coaches in the last 22 years. Every one of them has been required to develop these skills. They are that critical.

If you want to master them, join me in my special 3-Day event: The Fearless Conversations Workshop.

By the end of this workshop, you will have a proven framework to help people transform their lives.

You’ll know how to guide people to find their own solutions to their problems.

And you’ll know how to motivate them to take action — so those problems become a thing of the past.

With these skills, you’ll have a massive advantage over other coaches.

You’ll get more repeat clients, more referrals, and you’ll charge higher fees because of the amazing results you consistently get your clients.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

You’ll Be A Better Coach,
Friend, Leader, Spouse, Family Member
And Human

These skills go way BEYOND coaching.

You can use them in your everyday life to:

  • Eliminate arguments, resentment, and bickering with family, friends, and co-workers
  • Create deeper connection and intimacy with your spouse or anyone else
  • Be a respected leader. The one who knows how to enroll people and empower them

On top of that, practicing these skills will fundamentally shift YOU.

You’ll become more confident. You’ll trust yourself and your intuition more. And you won’t be afraid to take risks.

You’ll be more compassionate — learning to see everyone (including you) as beautiful and pure.

You’ll be more positive — learning to see opportunities where others see roadblocks.

And you’ll tap into your true, authentic self — so you can live the life your soul intended.

Here’s a peek at what you’ll discover
inside the Fearless Conversations Workshop:

  • How to get ANYONE to let down their defenses and open up to you (works great for clients as well as spouses and teenagers)
  • How to quickly get to the heart of anyone’s problem (you’ll listen BEYOND their words and know what the real issue is)
  • How to give anyone a life-changing “ah-ha” moment within seven minutes
  • An 8-step framework to help people get clarity, confidence and take action to change their life
  • How to create an “internal shift” in your client, so they take the action they need naturally!
  • 8+ ways we unknowingly disempower people (Everyday words and phrases like “You can do anything! are incredibly harmful. We unknowingly ruin coaching sessions and relationships saying these common things…)
  • The ONE reason people get “stuck” in life — and how to get them “unstuck” so they live with passion and purpose
  • How to help clients build resilience and overcome their fear of failure
  • How to help clients break free from old beliefs and stories holding them back (and replace them with empowering beliefs that drive them forward)
  • The “baby” secret for dealing with difficult people (they won’t drive you crazy, and you’ll help them be better humans)
  • 40+ proven coaching questions to fall back on anytime you get stuck (you’ll know when to use them and why)
  • What to say at the beginning and end of every coaching session so your client makes progress every week (and can’t wait to see you again)
  • How to trust your intuition and teach your client to do the same (no more doubting yourself)
  • One phrase scientifically proven to enroll people in what you want to do
  • How to help ANYONE overcome fear (everyone has their own internal process for taking risk. You’ll help them uncover and strengthen theirs so they become fearless.)
  • How to eliminate arguments from your life (no more butting heads with your spouse, your boss, etc.)
  • The #1 intimacy killer — everyone does this, but you can easily remove it to create deeper connections and intimacy with anyone
  • Why focusing on your client’s results leads to disaster — and what to focus on instead (no more worrying if you’re doing a good job coaching or not!)
  • How to get clients internally motivated so they can’t help but make progress every week
  • The graceful Interruption — how to speak up and make your voice heard without coming off as rude
  • 7-steps for difficult conversations — Have issues with someone? This will help you resolve them in a way that brings you and that person closer together.

And that’s just the start!

Get Ready to SKYROCKET Your Confidence
As A Coach!


I’m not just going to teach you The 8 Coaching Skills.

I want you to EMBODY them. So, they flow from you naturally.

So along with teaching you the skills, I’ll demonstrate each skill live!

You’ll see EXACTLY how to use them in your coaching.

As well as what NOT to do in your sessions. (There are common mistakes almost every coach makes. These ruin your connection with your clients and make it almost impossible for them to get results. I’ll show you what they are and how to avoid them.)

You’ll even get a workbook so you can “lock in” these skills and use them in your coaching sessions effortlessly!

Here are what coaches say about
The Fearless Conversation Workshop

“I thought I knew how to coach and now I know, because of Fearless Conversations, I had NO IDEA how to coach.”

Sha Sparks
Certified Fearless Living Coach

“Everything I learned I can apply to my coaching practice, to work, to conversations with my partner, families, and friends… I [learned] a new way to communicate.”

Monica Cortes
Certified Fearless Living Coach

“It helped me realize I can be a good coach”

Amy Mead
Certified Fearless Living Coach

“I couldn’t more highly recommend it for coaches who want to deepen their practice and connect more fully with their clients.”

Besty Rosenfeld
Certified Fearless Living Associate

“I know that I’ll have a positive financial impact from what I’ve learned and gained this weekend because my skills have changed. I know my income will go up.”

Julie Jackie

“If you ever coached for another program, I can tell you from direct experience that coming here will up-level your game, no question.”

Jessica Shaanan
Who is this for?

This is for you if:

  • You are curious about becoming a Life Coach and want to “dip your toe in the water” to see if it’s for you
  • You are already a coach and want to uplevel your skills and confidence
  • You are a manager, executive, business owner, or other professional and you want to be a great leader
  • You want better relationships with your spouse, kids, friends, colleagues, and family
Who is this NOT for?
  • You aren’t willing to be positive and support others
  • You’re looking for an “easy” button. You’ll have to push your comfort zone to develop these skills. It won’t always be easy. It takes courage.
  • You have no interest in developing yourself and growing as a person

We ran the Fearless Conversation Workshop live twice this year.

So you can get my best secrets to become a confident, in-demand life coach who gets amazing results… for just $997.

More Praise From Coaches
Who Attended This Workshop

“These are the 8 steps to deep meaningful conversation both in coaching and in real relationships”

Sylvia McIntosh

“I’m walking away feeling I can be a successful, confident coach”

“I am walking away feeling that I can be a successful confident coach. I now have the tools to reach out to others and help them see their greatness, help them see their potential.

The tools that you will get here will help you in so many ways. They will help me in my relationships with my family, in my work situation, with my fellow Coaches, and with people in general.”

Korina Elliot, Certified Fearless Living Coach

"Rhonda blew my mind every day"

“I loved practicing coaching with other people and getting feedback. It was a really comfortable supportive atmosphere and who doesn’t need that? It makes you feel good to be surrounded by support, and you’re learning so much, and Rhonda blew my mind every day.

I have so much more freedom and feel more grace. This workshop really struck me hard.  Absolutely you will not walk away disappointed. It’s impossible!”

Sarah Manly, Pilates/Bodyworker/Healer

“I can confidently say I’ll fulfill my dream of having my own coaching practice”

“The difference between Fearless Conversations and the previous coaching program I graduated from was I realized very quickly how little I actually learned from that program and how much Fearless Conversations is needed.

To be able to immerse in it and be able to practice the eight coaching skills with other people was helpful beyond words. It was night and day to what I’d experienced before.

I can’t put a price tag on what Fearless Conversations is worth because I know how much it will impact my personal relationships, my family, my friends and absolutely, it will impact my clients.

And going forward, I can confidently say I will fulfill my dream of having my own coaching practice. That’s exciting.”

-Kristin Brenkus, Owner, Real Estate Coach

“The solutions come from inside them…”

“The information presented in the Fearless Conversations Workshop is not only giving me that framework for my own coaching sessions, but is also giving me ways of being to show up for my clients. So the solutions that they source from within really are grounded in coming from a place that is repeatable and not just like a whim or a great idea, but it’s really coming from a deep place inside of them.”

-Bex Burton, Bex Burton Coaching

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