Discover the 3 Mistakes
EVERY Coach Makes

How to Transform Your Clients’ Lives, Uncover Blindspots, and Build a Thriving Practice

LIVE Masterclass Q&A
With “America’s Favorite Life Coach”
Rhonda Britten

Saturday, March 12 at 10am Pacific

Understand the three most common coaching mistakes — and how to avoid them — so you can UNLEASH your coaching skills, UNLOCK your clients’ growth, and become the coach everybody is looking for!

Is your coaching practice where you want it to be? 

Do you feel like you’re missing the “secret sauce” to grow a thriving practice? 

Or maybe you suffer from “Imposter Syndrome”… your heart and soul are aligned, but question if you truly have the skills to support your clients with what they most need…

If so, you’re not alone!

You’re deeply committed to serving others and supporting the change you know is needed for this time — in your life, your clients’ lives, and our world.

Yet, there are a few VERY common mistakes coaches make — and it’s most likely where you’re getting stuck, too. (P.S. it’s not your messaging or your marketing!)

These common mistakes actually hold the key to turning your business into a thriving coaching practice filled with clients who are experiencing profound change in their lives. 

You can discover these blindspots — and what to do instead — during a powerful (and fun!) brand new Masterclass with Rhonda Britten

Join Rhonda, a.k.a. “America’s Favorite Life Coach” for an energizing online event to Discover 3 Mistakes EVERY Coach Makes — and how you can transform your client’s lives for good as you build a thriving practice.

During this power-hour with Rhonda, you’ll discover: 

  • The one mistake almost every coach makes that unknowingly keeps their clients stuck
  • How to create a thriving, sustainable practice that supports profound change — for you and your clients
  • How to quickly get to the heart of your client’s issue and help them have life-changing insights — in as little as five minutes
  • Break free from old beliefs and stories to realize their goals — and help your clients achieve theirs!
  • And so much more! 

Stop wondering if you really can create a fulfilling practice that supports you financially — and creates sustainable change for your clients… 

 Because YES, you can!

 Many people in this time of “Great Reimagining” are choosing to become certified practitioners and life coaches — and it is desperately needed! 

 Yet, there are several fundamental building blocks that are missing from most training and certifications. During this off-the-hook hour, you’ll not only get insights into what’s keeping you from the practice and life you want, you’ll also discover how to set a solid foundation for supporting your work in the world — now and for years to come. 


There’s never been a more important time to transform what’s keeping you and your clients stuck — and create the lasting change you know is possible, for you and your clients.

About Your Host

Rhonda Britten is an Emmy-Winning Life Coach who has been featured on over 600 episodes of reality TV, including NBC’s Starting Over, Oprah, and Good Morning America.

She was named “America’s Favorite Life Coach” by TV guide. And she’s a multiple best-selling author who has spent the past 26 years as Master Life Coach.

Rhonda has trained thousands of coaches, therapists, and workshop leaders.

Now, she shares the skills to help you uncover your client’s core problems — even if your client doesn’t know them or won’t give you a clear answer.

What Rhonda’s Students Say:

“I’m walking away feeling I can be a successful, confident coach”

“I am walking away feeling that I can be a successful confident coach. I now have the tools to reach out to others and help them see their greatness, help them see their potential.

The tools that you will get here will help you in so many ways. They will help me in my relationships with my family, in my work situation, with my fellow Coaches, and with people in general.”

Korina Elliot

Certified Fearless Living Coach

Rhonda blew my mind every day

“I loved practicing coaching with other people and getting feedback. It was a really comfortable supportive atmosphere and who doesn’t need that? It makes you feel good to be surrounded by support, and you’re learning so much, and Rhonda blew my mind every day.

I have so much more freedom and feel more grace. This workshop really struck me hard. Absolutely you will not walk away disappointed. It’s impossible!”

Sarah Manly


“I can confidently say I’ll fulfill my dream of having my own coaching practice”

“The difference between Fearless Conversations and the previous coaching program I graduated from was I realized very quickly how little I actually learned from that program and how much Fearless Conversations is needed.

To be able to immerse in it and be able to practice the eight coaching skills with other people was helpful beyond words. It was night and day to what I’d experienced before.

I can’t put a price tag on what Fearless Conversations is worth because I know how much it will impact my personal relationships, my family, my friends and absolutely, it will impact my clients.

And going forward, I can confidently say I will fulfill my dream of having my own coaching practice. That’s exciting.”

Kristin Brenkus

Owner, Real Estate Coach

“The solutions come from inside them…”

“The information presented in the Fearless Conversations Workshop is not only giving me that framework for my own coaching sessions, but is also giving me ways of being to show up for my clients. So the solutions that they source from within really are grounded in coming from a place that is repeatable and not just like a whim or a great idea, but it’s really coming from a deep place inside of them.”

Bex Burton

Bex Burton Coaching

“I thought I knew how to coach and now I know, because of Fearless Conversations, I had NO IDEA how to coach.”

Sha Sparks

Sparks of Fire International

“Everything I learned I can apply to my coaching practice, to work, to conversations with my partner, families, and friends… I [learned] a new way to communicate.”

Monica Cortes

Cortes Coaching

“These are the 8 steps to deep meaningful conversation both in coaching and in real relationships”

Sylvia McIntosh

Certified Fearless Living Coach

“I couldn’t more highly recommend it for coaches who want to deepen their practice and connect more fully with their clients.”

Besty Rosenfeld

With Betsy Coaching & Consulting

“I know that I’ll have a positive financial impact from what I’ve learned and gained this weekend because my skills have changed. I know my income will go up.”

Julie Jacky

EFT certified Practitioner/Financial Coach

“If you ever coached for another program, I can tell you from direct experience that coming here will up-level your game, no question.”

Jessica Shaanan

Jessica Shaanan Coaching

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