Change Your Life in 30 Days

Whether it is your career that needs improving, your love life or maybe you just want more self-confidence, the next thirty days have been designed to radically change the way you feel, the thoughts you think and the things you do.

For twenty years I searched for the true me. I had no idea who I was or what made me feel confused, overwhelmed or unsatisfied. I constantly thought there must be something wrong with me. There wasn’t. I just didn’t have the skills to see the truth of who I really was.

Over the next 30 days, I am going to the give you the skills you need in order to change your life from the ground up. Because I developed this process through my own healing and have seen millions of people use it to find their true self, I know this stuff works. What took me twenty years will only take you 30 days if you are willing to focus on one thing a day.

And focus is what I had to have in order to change my life. In reality, most people want to alter some aspect of themselves but few are willing to move through the uncomfortable feelings and take the risk necessary to make the changes happen. If you aren’t sure you want to change, don’t read this book. This Training Program is for those who are serious seekers who want more out of life.

I had to be serious if I was going to overcome my childhood. I am sure you too have had things happen that have been difficult for you to overcome or face. I understand. Yet, your past does not dictate your future. My past was a burden that at times, seemed to heavy to bear. The blame, guilt and shame I felt were paralyzing. I just didn’t think I was good enough.

Find my true self? I was afraid that that was my true self. I am so glad I was wrong.  

My most challenging experience that precipitated my desire to change, was hard to face growing up. My father didn’t love me, not the way you’d hope a father did. When I was fourteen years old I looked like I had it all together but in reality, I wasn’t doing so well. My father and mother had recently separated and Father’s Day was coming up. I wasn’t thrilled to see my dad but I felt obligated. That’s when it happened, my father killed my mother and than himself right in front of me. From that day forward, I was frozen in fear that I wasn’t good enough. If I had been, wouldn’t he have stopped or at least, taken me with. But there I was, very much alive and very afraid to go on.

I pray that nothing like that has happened to you. Yet, I know we can all relate to one another because we have all had feelings. Those feelings are the same regardless of how much money you make, your race, religion and cultural heritage. I have yet to meet a person who has not experienced loneliness, feelings stupid or shame. And not feeling good enough is the common thread that all humans can relate to.

Over the next 30 days, you are going to break down the barriers between success and peace of mind as well as inner satisfaction and material wealth. Those qualities can all co-exist with each other. The challenge is you must be willing to do the work when it doesn’t feel good or doesn’t feel easy.

If you are willing, you will learn that loving yourself has great rewards and without it, love will feel impossible. You will discover that friends are vital to living without fear while following your intuition is the pathway to truth.

Many people tell me that my books help them because they are profoundly simple. I don’t use fancy words or complicated examples. I don’t shame you into changing. I will never berate you or belittle you. Instead, inside this Training Program you will find the answers to questions that apply to you and your life. Put yourself in the shoes of every example whether it be a man or woman. Learn as much as you can from every single day. Answer the questions as you go along. Don’t be afraid. The answers are here. Let’s begin the journey that will change your life.