FLL Inner Circle Coaching

Inner Circle Coaching (Maximum of 10 spots available)

Get all the tools you need to create a happy, healthy and fearless life. With intimate group coaching and the support of 10 like-minded individuals in your Inner Circle, you’ll gain more confidence over your life in no time. It’s a small group experience with plenty of personal attention to help you accelerate your growth faster than ever before. 

As a member of my Inner Circle you get:

  • 2 one-hour Inner Circle Calls a month, reinforcing core coaching principles, increasing your understanding of the how fear works and helping you to make healthier empowering decisions. These bi-weekly calls take place on the SECOND and FOURTH Wednesday nights at 5pm PST(Calls for January will be held on January 15th and 29th.) $600 Value
  • Access to me for Private Coaching. During a two-hour block of time each month, I’ll be keeping Office Hours just for you. I will have my skype line open to take your most urgent questions via text. Office hours take place on the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 10am-12pm PST. (Call for January will be held on January 22nd.)$250 Value!

  • One-on-one support from your Inner Circle Accountability Buddy. This is a friend with whom I will pair you to assist each other during weeks where no calls are scheduled. You are encouraged to talk to your partner once a week.  $200 Value!

  • Monthly LIVE “Fearless Living for Life” Group Coaching Call with Interactive Q and A. On this call I share the topic of the month and answer your most pressing questions. Soon, you will know how to move through life with grace and ease and a whole bunch of fearlessness. This call takes place on the 1st Wednesday of every month at 1pm PST. (Call for January will be held on January 8th.)$500 Value!
  • Email in your inbox every single week (4 a month) loaded with inspiration and a Fearbuster Exercise. Each email builds on the topic of the month while giving you a Fearbuster Exercise designed to keep you growing. $47 Value!
  • Before every “Fearless Living for Life” Monthly Call, you have the opportunity to complete a survey that helps Rhonda discover what YOU need each month. It’s just one more way Rhonda supports you. $50 Value!
  • Plus an invitation to the “Fearless Living for Life” Facebook Group. Surround yourself with like-minded people who want what you want: A life of freedom. $47 Value!
  • Sustained exposure to the core principles and tools of Fearless Living. The more you make being fearless a part of your daily practice, the quicker you see results.  $2000 Value! (really it’s more PRICELESS but I had to put some value on it.)

New Principles, Tools and Skills each and every month supporting you to Live the Life Your Soul Intended(tm).

Total Value: $3694 a month
Your Investment: $497 a month

Inner Circle Coaching starts January 8…only 10 spots available.


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