Forgiveness Series: Your Relationships
Forgiveness is an act of self-love. And a bold one.

I know what it takes to say YES to forgiveness and I know how your life can change when you finally forgive the past and yourself.

My life before forgiveness was radically different than it is today. I used to have so much regret, and pain. I always had to protect myself because I didn’t want to get hurt again, or tricked or taken advantage of. Thankfully, with forgiveness, that is all in the past.

Forgiveness opens up your heart and mind increasing compassion, and it helps us stay in relationship and grow relationships because when you have the gift of forgiveness as a tool that you can use, your relationships are able to flourish more, because you’re able to be present with what’s really happening in that relationship.

Join me for The Forgiveness Series: Your Relationships