LIVE: Step Into Reality Workshop

It’s time to stop thinking about television in the same old way!

The world of media is rapidly changing and it’s important you know where YOU fit in it.

If you are looking to become more media savvy,
want to take
advantage of the exploding webisode market,
would like
to learn how to pitch your television show idea or
your image for broadcast then it’s time to

  • Receive image coaching
  • Get hands on experience in TV workshops
  • Learn how to audition for reality shows
  • Learn how to write effective treatments
  • Get instant makeovers that will enhance your image
  • Receive training from pros in the television and film business
  • Learn how to make an effective TV pitch reel or casting reel
  • Work on your camera presence with experienced television hosts
  • Learn how to incorporate webisodes to reach a massive audience
  • Learn how to shop for production companies for your show ideas
  • Learn how to pitch your show ideas to television network executives
  • Learn how to create effective webisodes that will benefit your business

Step Into Reality
October 1-2, 2012
Las Vegas, NV