Love You Up Advanced Weekend!

Wanna get LOVED UP live and in person?

Join me for an EXCLUSIVE WEEKEND in my home in Los Angeles.

If you have landed here, you want to:

  • Dive deep in the experience of self-love
  • Get the kinks out of what keeps stopping you from receiving love
  • Be inspired to expand what love is for you
  • Become more of who you were meant to be (because I am devoted to supporting you to Live the Life Your Soul Intended!)
  • Kick some butt and be gentle with yourself at the same time :):)

During this workshop, I am going to ask you to:

  • Tell the truth
  • Answer some tough questions you may have avoided in the past
  • Face the trickster ways of fear
  • Listen fully to your intuition
  • Did I mention, tell the truth?

What I am going to give you:

  • Love
  • Support
  • Compassion
  • Empowerment
  • Awareness
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Laughter
  • Ah-ha’s (like crazy!)

And, of course, you will be leaving with:

  • Solutions to your most important, and recurring, problems
  • Answers to questions you’ve never had answered before (not in any satisfactory way really)
  • And a bunch of tools and skills that you will use over and over again in your lifetime (but you know this about me. I am alllll about PRACTICAL, DOABLE skills and tools that you can actually USE right now!)
  • Plus don’t forget, you will create bonds that will give you new friends for life

What you may experience (this all depends on if you bring all of you to the workshop):

  • Belief in yourself
  • Trust in your decisions
  • Heart-opening expansion
  • Courage to move forward
  • Passion in spades
  • Insights turned into reality
  • A connection to your purpose

Who’s coming? You will:

  • Join an exclusive group of Fearless students who take this work seriously
  • Spend two days with me, Rhonda, in an intimate environment and get your questions answered
  • Be a part of something that will be unforgettable (and absolutely unrepeatable.)

When is it?

January 22 – 23
Los Angeles, CA

Secret location to be revealed two weeks before event

(You’re mine for two days…teehee!)

Steps to join me?

  • Sign up below for the Love You Up Advanced Workshop (go ahead and do that now)

After you sign up:

  • Get your flights (Burbank is closest airport and LAX works too.)
  • Hotel info will be coming to you shortly
  • If you want to be super prepared:
    Read “Fearless Loving”

I am so excited.

Let’s face it, I’ve been waiting to teach this for a decade so I am RARING TO GO!

I just went over all the details with my team and everyone agrees, this is going to be something special. I’m bringing it. Be sure you do the same.

I can hardly wait…


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