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Getting Your Life Unstuck: Change Your Life in 30 Days
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I’m so excited to share this journey with you. I know the 30 Lessons you’ll receive inside this Course has changed countless people’s lives and I know it can change yours.

I look forward to hearing how your confidence soars, your heart opens and the feeling of success becomes real! You have a right to be you.


Here’s what’s included in the BASIC PACKAGE:

Yes, I understand will automatically be subscribed to a daily Email that gives me access to DAILY VIDEOS! Every day I will experience more confidence, more skills, more heart. I will receive access to the secure Course Resource Page which includes the day’s lesson and Fearbuster Exercise. And, I can review the daily lessons at anytime – and as often as I’d like – for a little extra motivation to take action. (Value $300)

Yes, I understand I will receive DAILY LESSONS via email. Every morning, I will get an email with the day’s exercise, and an assignment on how to apply it to my life. Plus, at the end of the day I’ll get a wrap up email to help me debrief and anchor each day’s lesson.(Value $150)

Yes, I understand I will receive DAILY INSPIRATIONAL Support Messages to keep me on track and focused. These two encouraging reminders (my choice of text or email) throughout the day will keep focused and on track. At the end of each day, I will also receive an end-of-the-day email that will help me process my experience so I can integrate it more fully.(Value $150)

Yes, I understand I will receive access to the digital DOWNLOAD AUDIO MP3s of each DAILY LESSON. This way, I can listen to an audio recording rather than watch a video. I can listen to the MP3s of each lesson at my leisure whether it’s at the gym, driving in my car or just playing it in the background while I work around the house. Listening to the audios will increase my retention and support me in embodying the material more quickly.(Value $150)

Yes, I understand I will receive a daily digital download of the TRANSCRIPTS OF DAILY LESSON in PDF format. I will be able to review the material in print and won’t have to take notes while listening. If you’re a reader, and like to highlight your insights and ah-ha’s, the PDF Transcripts come in super handy.(Value $150)

Yes, I understand I will receive WORKSHEETS OF DAILY FEARBUSTER EXERCISE. This is Rhonda’s special gift and the Daily Fearbuster Exercises are the heart of this Course. This is how I will integrate the lessons into my life. I will receive a daily digital download of each Day’s Fearbuster Exercise Worksheet to make completing the Daily Fearbuster Exercises a breeze. Super convenient. (Value $300)

YES, I understand that I will receive DAILY COMMUNITY SUPPORT with an invitation to Rhonda’s members-only community, Getting Your Life Unstuck Facebook Group, where I’ll be able to interact with Certified Fearless Living Coaches and other bright, motivated folks who will support me on my journey. (Value: $97)

Yes, I understand I receive UNLIMITED ACCESS to the entire Course. I have unlimited access to review the lessons, tools and Fearbuster Exercises as often as I’d like. I have unlimited lifetime access to the complete Course. (Value Priceless)

Total Value $1297