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Your Best Year Starts Now!

It’s time to put your dream first…

Imagine it’s January 1, 2014

Imagine the words popping out of your mouth:
This is MY year” bec
ause 2014 is…

You know it is because you know exactly
what’s the next best step to take.
You are clear. You are confident.
You are
inspired and motivated.

It feels good, right?

Imagine knowing, without a doubt, what
matters to you and what to do next.

And most important, where to ACT.

It isn’t luck. You did the work.
And it’s paying off.

You have the clarity, the vision,
the support and the plan.


If you are feeling unclear in your life

If you aren’t sure you are working on the right thing

If you want to make 2014 truly your best year to date…

Don’t waste one more minute.

2014 will be different.
But not because of wishful thinking.
But because you planned it now.

If time feels like it’s moving too fast…

If you have unfulfilled dreams and projects…

If you don’t want to waste another moment…

If you don’t want next year to be like this year…

I am going to walk you through
my very own process of how to
Create-A-Year that Matters.

Not only will you be prepared for 2014,
you will also have released anything in the
past that is holding you back PLUS you will
be more present for the upcoming holiday season.

This Course will give you clarity of vision,
the skills to dream,
and the practical-how-to’s
to make your desires a reality.

I am going to give you the CLARITY you seek,
keep you FOCUSED and on track, hold you ACCOUNTABLE
when necessary and give you compassion when needed
In other words, I will be doing what I do best!

I’ve done this process year after year. It’s the only way I’ve

been able to accomplish all I’ve done over the last ten
years which includes writing FOUR books while being on
THREE TV shows and on it goes. My high level of
accomplishment comes from this process I’m about to share with you.

And my self-esteem and confidence are given a boost
every year. (That alone is worth every dime and minute
I devote to it.)

ALERT: Starts Monday, November 25 at 6pm pacific time.

(Can’t make the Group Coaching calls? No worries.
You will receive all the audio
download replays plus
you will be able to
take advantage
of the SPECIAL
Facebook Group plus you will receive all
the Fearbuster Exercises.)


The minute you sign up, you will be sent an email that gives you a special link to the super private Create-A-Year Class Page. On this page you will have access to the Class Audios and Transcripts (one released each week), and the Information for each of the Weekly Group Coaching Calls. Plus you will receive DAILY email support that’s truly awesome and an invitation to join the Create-A-Year exclusive Facebook Group.

What happens in our four weeks together?

Each week, I will walk you through step-by-step how to:

* Release the disappointments of the past
so all of you can be creating a future that matters

*Increase your appreciation for what you already
do and who you already are. This exercise alone
will increase your confidence and remind you
that you are MORE than good enough! 🙂

*Choose priorities that are driven by YOUR
true desire rather than other people’s wants and needs

*Create a concrete action plan that is doable, practical and supports
you and your intention for your life

*Focus on the areas of your life that will make the biggest impact
and shift your life quickly

*Define a vision for your life that you can lean on again and again.

*Get Rhonda support through FOUR Weekly Group Coaching Calls, PLUS
you will join a SPECIAL FACEBOOK Group created just for
this Course where you will have support from other participants,
and I will be there to answer your questions.

*Daily email support with questions that will stimulate
both sides of your brain.

*And all those intangibles that can only be experienced
while you are actively choosing to care about YOUR LIFE

Group Coaching Calls:
Monday, November 25 6pm pacific 9pm eastern
Monday, December 2 6pm pacific 9pm eastern
Monday, December 9 6pm pacific 9pm easters
Monday, December 16 6pm pacific 9pm eastern

I’m so excited to support you! Sign up now!

Let’s do this… let’s Create-A-Year-that-Matters!


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