Welcome to Kick-off!

Here’s What To Do Today:

Grab the Workbook

Click here to download today’s accompanying workbook. You may wish to print it out for ease or to refer back to it.

Share Your Homework

Once you’ve done today’s assignment, post your results in the Facebook Group! It’s time to brag a little!

Join the Live Q&A

We’re going live at 5PM Pacific (8PM Eastern) today. Click here to join us on Facebook! VIPs please check your email for a Zoom link.

Want Special VIP Access
To The Self-Acceptance Celebration?

There’s also a live Q&A each afternoon. Anyone can watch the Q&A, but only VIPs will be able to ask questions. (I wish I could answer everyone’s questions, I simply won’t have enough time.)

As a VIP, you also get to keep the recordings of all 5 trainings as well as the Q&A calls!

We’re taking all the trainings down once the Celebration ends. As a VIP however, you can continue to go back for a refresher anytime you need.

Lifetime access to the Self-Acceptance Celebration trainings — We’re taking everything down at the end of the week. But you can keep recordings of all the trainings and Q&A’s, so you can revisit them anytime.) (value – $299)

The ability to ask me anything you want on the live Q&A calls (we expect a lot of people on these calls. I won’t be able to answer everyone’s questions, so we are just going to answer questions from VIP’s) (value – $1,499)

The Fearless Body Toolkit — 39 simple actions you can take to love your body, boost your confidence and feel proud of how you look. These are the same actions Rhonda uses and shares with her private clients. (value – $97)
Love Notes from Rhonda — Get a new, uplifting message every day for 10 days. These short audios can snap you out of a funk and put a smile on your face in less than a minute by guiding you to love yourself more deeply (value – PRICELESS)
That’s a value of over $1,897.

Since this is the first time we are running this program publicly, we’re going to do something special. You can get the complete VIP package for $1,897 $37.