Spiritual Agility

How to Bridge the Gap
Between Human Reality
and Spiritual Truth

With Rhonda Britten
Award-winning life coach, author,
and creator of Fearless Living

You’re all set to join Rhonda Britten, America’s #1 Fear Expert, for her new online event, Spiritual Agility: How to Bridge the Gap Between Human Reality and Spiritual Truth.

Mark your calendar to join us Saturday, May 20, 2023 10:00am Pacific/1:00pm Eastern.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Unpack what Spiritual Agility is — and how to bring every area of your life into alignment with the life your Soul intended
  • Tap into your inner resources and the spiritual and energetic influences that shape your life
  • Begin building your “transformation toolkit” for creating lasting change — with ease, grace, and flow
  • Expand your confidence during a Human Skill exercise
  • Connect with your inner guidance and embody confidence and sovereignty
  • Define what spiritual truth vs human reality means
  • Take a quiz to get clear on how much you live in the spiritual world versus the physical world
  • Thank and release disempowering self-talk, your inner critic, and other people’s projections you’ve internalized — buh-bye!

Here’s what’s next:

1) Bookmark this page so you can have it handy for all the upcoming event details.

2) Keep an eye on your inbox — and add us to your contacts, so you receive all the juicy details for this powerful event: [email]

3) Watch the Workshop with Rhonda! Get fired up and Fearless as you join Rhonda in taking a leap of faith — and make a rebellious, FEARLESS choice. We’re honored to be taking this journey with you!

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