Jessica Shaanan
Certified Nutrition Coach
" Jessica Shaanan, and I am a certified integrative nutrition coach, and I went through an 11 month program that was not Fearless Living. And I have been coaching for about 10 months. Before the Fearless Conversations Workshop, I was probably about a confidence level three in my coaching skills. And that was largely because I felt like I didn't get enough practice in my other certification. And, you know, we got a lot of tools, but we just, we just didn't practice very much. My confidence level after this Fearless Conversations Workshop is much higher. It's probably about a seven, maybe even an eight! And that's giving myself credit for the amount of experience I've had--that I haven't had 10 years of experience but I've had less than one! So I feel pretty amazing for where I'm at right now. And I think that's largely due to the practice that I've had here. And the skills that I've learned. Coming to this weekend showed me how important the right program is. So the kind of coach I want to be. I chose a program before that I felt was right and great. And it served it's purpose, but I wanted more, I wanted to be a better coach. You want to feel more confident in my skills. And that's why I seeked out for this living. The reason I came here was for better coaching on my coaching skills and that's what I got. So it's definitely going to impact everything. I have a couple of clients tomorrow it'll impact them and I'll be able to practice all the things I learned here. And even though some of it was repeated, it was actually explained to me in a way that sunk in a lot better. And that--maybe a combination of the slides that we got, the practice that we got and the conversations that we actually had around each skill that we wanted--I think that will impact my coaching forever. For sure, I do feel that this workshop will have a financial impact on my practice. No question, when you're more confident in what you're providing, you can charge, I would say a ""more confidence"" amount. So in my perspective, yeah, I can raise my, my rate now, after I experienced this, gotten these tools, I'll practice them a little bit with current clients. And I do feel like I'll be able to charge more, actually. Yeah,if you were a coach from another program, I can tell you from direct experience that coming here will up-level your game. No question. And I can tell you in two days in the Fearless Conversations Workshop, I feel way more confident coaching my clients than I did in 11 months of my full certification. And that's gold to me and it's going to be gold to my clients. And I only feel like things can get better from here. And now I know where to come to get better, whenever I feel like I want more! At Fearless Conversations Workshop, I wrote so many notes and got so much value that I ran out of ink in two pens in two days and had to borrow a third from the girl sitting next to me. So come get your gold!"