Mónica M Cortés, MPA
Cortés Coaching LLC
"Hi, my name is Monica Cortez and I'm a program candidate for the LCCP and I'm here at the Fearless Conversations Workshop. So I first heard about it through the program. It's one of the requirements that's included in the overall package. So when they said Fearless Conversations Workshop, I initially thought that it was all about confrontation for some reason. So the one thing that I'm going to take away from this workshop is really looking at people through a lens of innocence and listening, and really allowing them to share their story with me. So the great thing about this workshop is that everything that I've been learning, I can apply it to my coaching practice in the future. Right now I can apply it to work. I can apply it to conversations with my family, with my partner, really, even with my friends, I think I've really understood a new way to communicate. If you're thinking about joining the program, I would say, just go ahead and click and sign on. It's a life changer. It really taps into areas and possibilities that you have no idea about. And it's not just about, ""oh, it's having a conversation,"" or ""Oh, it's just so I'll communicate and have a conversation better"". It really looks at how you are in your whole self and it really uncovers parts of you that you didn't know were there and possibilities of how you can reach new levels in your life."