Barbara Metzger

Rhonda has developed a process to let you uncover the key element for living a fulfilled day, year, life…. your purpose. Once I did the activities and got the insights, I started using them to get great clarity on how to move forward with my passion, my work and relationships with an energy that seems to have an generator attached at my heart plus bringing me a much deeper calm and satisfaction.

Owner/President at Maximize
Susanne P

What I love about “How to Find Your Purpose”

I love that I can access the MP3s at any time and that you are right in there with us…present and commenting in the Community Group. THANK YOU Rhonda. You so inspire me to do MORE of the work I came here to do. 🙂

If you really, really are serious about changing your life’s course, this is IT. Be willing to do the work, bravely follow the steps and magic unfolds! Rhonda truly leads you from the heart!

Zurich, Switzerland
Susan Selix

Rhonda has created a process or method to tap into your purpose. She bases her class on her own extensive and compelling personal experiences, study and research, and as product of, and empowered by her being inside of her Purpose. She has pulled together information gathered throughout her lengthy career, and presents it in organized fashion, and includes tapping into Universe, Spirit, etc. Rhonda taps into her trials and failures from her life and generously and openly explains in details not only the practice but also the why and wherefore she has refined her information so as to be palatable to the almost anyone, of almost any age. The material is presented in an orderly and methodical manner, including a multiple ways to get the end result. So, you can walk away from any class knowing the step by step process to get to your Purpose, along with ‘heads ups’ on what you might run into along the way.

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