Penny Garrison

The first thing that the SRD tool gave me was an awareness that I aimed for the die zone every single time .. and I was failing simply because I pushed too hard, for too much. Inevitably, I bungee-corded back to my comfort zone with my cookies and ice cream. The SRD tool allowed me to soften my approach with myself and to consider heading up a hill instead of hiring a Sherpa and to scale Mount Everest.

CFLC, Tuscon, Arizona
Janet Renner

SRD is such a huge tool for me. I have learned so much about myself with this little tool – which I find fascinating because it is so simple, and yet the impact is life changing!

One of the biggest insights I have had about myself with this tool is when I’m in Fear I’m either a Comfort zone gal or a Die zone gal because life’s too short to waste with a Stretch and a Risk. To recognize this fear-based behavior of mine and be able to choose differently now that is powerful!!

Professional Swim Coach, CFLC
JJ Frederickson

I like to use SRD for a visioning tool. I am great at visioning with others, yet when I try to do it in my life I get “deer-in-the-headlights” paralyzed. Using the SRD tool helps me get unstuck. I’m able to come up with all kinds of possibilities that gently move me into my vision and — BONUS! — it also helps me take action toward making that vision a reality.

Spark Your Being Life Coaching, Master CFLC
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