Debbie Vaillancourt

The S/R/D tool supports me to be really “clear” with myself. Ask myself questions so I won’t stay stuck or dive in headfirst. What is the challenge? Okay. Now what? Break it down? What have I done? What could I do? What am I willing to do? This tool is one of the best ways I let go of “black and white” thinking. It has the added benefit of building trust and confidence within myself. I can clearly see and anchor how my die zone begins shrinking while my comfort zone expands!!!

Advanced CFLC
Stacey Grimes Wempe

The first thing that the SRD tool gave me was an awareness that I aimed for the die zone every single time .. and I was failing simply because I pushed too hard, for too much. Inevitably, I bungee-corded back to my comfort zone with my cookies and ice cream. The SRD tool allowed me to soften my approach with myself and to consider heading up a hill instead of hiring a Sherpa and to scale Mount Everest.

Registered Dental Hygienist, CFLC
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