Shā Sparks
Sparks of Fire International, Communication and Mindset Coach
"My name is Sha Sparks. I am a communication and mindset coach, and this was wow, wow, wow! An experience where I felt as if I kind of knew what I was doing coaching... and now I know I had no idea what I was coaching, because I wanted to help fix people. And when I walk out of this with the tools and the skills I learned, is actually allowing people to find their own solutions instead of me finding the solution. So that was just mind blowing, business moving. I can't wait to take it back to my business. The Fearless Conversations Workshop, the skills that I got there will not only apply to my coaching business, but it will also apply to my family. My father, I am taking care of (who is going through chemo treatments right now), and the relationships with my brothers and my friends. I'm just so empowered to be able to communicate in a different way and more effectively than where I was before I came to the Fearless Conversations Workshop. I feel like anyone could benefit from this who has a wall that they have built up around themselves and are unwilling to be vulnerable. And just doing this type/learning this type of conversation, it allows you to just be vulnerable and yet still confident. The workshop itself is two and a half days. And the half day is on the first day. And it was the information that I got in that short amount of time was worth the money that I took away from my business, the time I took away from my family, it was worth it in just that first day. And that little block of time. If anything that I have said has resonated with you, and you want to be in a space where you honor yourself, I challenge you to sign up for this and take this. This is--you're going to be blown away by how much you're going to honor yourself and be able to honor others as well."